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Cordaid NL

Cordaid strategic partner of Dutch Ministry

Cordaid has been recognized as a strategic partner of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of ‘lobby and advocacy’.

“We are very pleased with the positive decision of the Ministry to recognize two of Cordaid’s submissions in their strategic partnership. We see this as confirmation of our valuable work to improve the situation for the hundreds of millions of people living in conflict areas,” says Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini.

Dialogue and Criticism

Last Friday the Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced which development organizations or alliances it would start a strategic partnership with in the field of lobby and advocacy. With 24 other organizations Cordaid has been selected as a strategic partner in the program ‘Samenspraak & Tegenspraak’ (Dialogue & Dissent). This program is aimed at strengthening civil society organizations in low and middle income countries. It will be implemented in the strategic partnership between development organizations and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Cordaid’s second application – ‘Partners for Resilience’ – aimed at increasing the resilience of local communities to disasters, has been positively accepted by the Ministry as well. The Dutch Red Cross is the coordinating organization of this alliance.

We are very pleased that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes our innovative approach.

For many years Cordaid has been working intensively in fragile regions and conflict areas. ‘Advocacy’ is one of the tools we use to create opportunities in places where people lack the most basic forms of support. We connect local communities with national and international policy levels. We are very pleased that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recognizes our innovative approach and wants to work with us and our partners to put the integrated approach to problems in fragile areas high on the agenda, especially with a view to determine the post-2015 agenda this year.

Further detailing

Cordaid looks forward to discuss the further and concrete detailing of the strategic partnership with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Filippini: “Concrete amounts have not been mentioned yet, but of course we hope that Cordaid will receive a substantial amount of money to make an even bigger difference.”

“It is great that the Dutch government and non-governmental organizations give extra weight to this agenda together and that the government shows this commitment to ensure that we will continue to achieve results together in the coming years,” says Filippini.