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Cordaid at the World Urban Forum in Kuala Lumpur

On February 7th 2018 Yohan Rahmat Santosa (Caritas Indonesia) and Retchel Sassing (Cordaid Philippines) traveled to the 9th annual World Urban Forum to represent Cordaid. Throughout this week they participated in sessions where they stressed the value of a multi-stakeholder platform that puts local communities at center stage, resulting in advanced community resilience in urban settings.

They showcased how local communities, governments, and CSOs can jointly implement urban resilience programs anchored on the SDGs, New Urban Agenda, and climate adaption. Besides attending sessions they were able to strengthen old bonds such as with the Jakarta Deputy Governor, as well as creating new bonds such as with Antonio Ismael, an Indonesian urban planner, expert, advisor, and activist. These connections, both new and old, will help continue the progress towards more resilient urban growth.

“What I like most from participating in the 9th World Urban Forum is that I got a lot of knowledge exchanges on how we have reached so far to meet the New Urban Agenda and how we have to move forward, the networking with various stakeholders at the WUF is also encouraging me to enhance the collaboration both in national and regional level”, says Yohan Rahmat Santosa, Program Coordinator at Caritas Indonesia.

Join us at the ALNAP event on February 8th

Cordaid has participated in each World Urban Forum to date. Every time we connect local urban realities and local organisations’ good practices to global dialogue and decision making levels. This time we do that during the ALNAP networking event: Improving Urban Humanitarian Response: how far have we come? It takes place on February 8th. Interested in joining the event? You are more than welcome!

Urban inclusive development: more urgent than ever

The need for urban inclusive development is more evident than ever. Nearly a billion people live in slums and are more vulnerable to climate change-related disasters. With urbanization rapidly increasing cities are mushrooming, especially in coastal, riverine and delta areas. And particularly in low- and middle-income countries (LIMCs).

Cordaid was able to help integrate climate and  related disaster risk management into Jakarta’s Grand Design.

As these cities are increasingly hit by floods, storms and earthquakes, inhabitants face catastrophic risks (as can be read in the Mind the Risk report 2013). To give an idea of the scope:

  • earthquakes can potentially hit over 283 million people;
  • strong winds pose a danger to 157 million people.

A more recent report, The Urban Amplifier, published by the European Commission in 2018, states: “When disasters hit densely populated areas, impacts on human life, the environment, socio-economic systems and built infrastructure can be dramatic. Main risk drivers include rapid and unplanned urbanization, land degradation, inequality and socio-economic poverty, and climate-induced disasters.

This is exactly the reason why Cordaid is committed to increasing urban resilience. We do this specifically settings where inhabitants are most at risk, like slums.

Cordaid’s Urban Resilience program in Indonesia

In Kuala Lumpur, both Retchel Sassing and Yohan Rahmat Santosa will share insights, practices and lessons learned from their urban resilience work.

Yohan Rahmat Santosa is managing the Urban Resilience program initiated in Marunda, Jakarta, with support of Cordaid. The Marunda Urban Resilience in Action Program (MURIA), already yielded great results in strengthening the resilience of the communities who live at risk in one of the poorer and informal areas in Jakarta.

Read more about how urban farming is actually reshaping neighbourhoods in Marunda. 

The Jakarta Deputy Governor of the Spatial and Environment Sector was impressed by Cordaid’s urban resilience activities in Marunda – which fit in the Partners for Resilience program in Indonesia. So much so, that he invited the MURIA Team to a series of participatory workshops to co-write the city’s so-called Grand Design (2018-2030), or new policy for urban farming.

urban resilience
Cordaid’s MURIA project team with local urban vegetable farmers in Marunda, Indonesia (© Cordaid)

This important policy affects the whole of Jakarta, and its 10 million inhabitants. Cordaid was able to help integrate climate and related disaster risk management into this policy. An achievement we are proud of as it opens further possibilities to increase urban resilience in one of Asia’s metropoles. By being part of this grand-design, other stakeholders in the MURIA platform also gained benefits. During the launch of this policy on January 23rd, the Governor of Jakarta stressed how important it is for government agencies, NGOs, the private sector and urban communities to join hands in boosting and improving urban farming practices in Jakarta.

Cordaid’s urban Resilience program in The Philippines

Retchel Sassing is the Liaison Officer for the recently initiated Urban Resilience Program in Cebu. This work also fits in the Partners for Resilience Program in the Philippines. Our first Urban Resilience Program in the Philippines started after typhoon Haiyan devastated portions of Southeast Asia, and the Philippines in particular. In it we linked relief and recovery efforts to development programming. Now we are scaling good practices and lessons from this program to Cebu. Our main focus is on multi-stakeholder collaboration and disaster risk reduction.

Here’s how Cordaid strengthens urban resilience in The Philippines:

Partners for Resilience: enhancing community resilience together

In achieving Community Resilience, including urban areas, Cordaid works together with 5 Dutch development organizations, forming the Partners for Resilience Alliance. Together we use integrated risk management to enhance community resilience. Members are the Netherlands Red Cross, Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre, Care Netherlands, Wetlands International and Cordaid.

Cordaid is also an associate partner of the World Urban Campaign and member of the Global Alliance for Urban Crisis.

(Featured image: Community in Guiuan (Eastern Samar, The Philippines) using the risk-mapping tool. © Cordaid)

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