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Cordaid NL

Refugees around the globe receive emergency aid

The news about refugees at the borders of Europe dominates the news. Cordaid’s efforts to provide aid to refugees and displaced people span from Greece and Serbia to Northern Iraq, South Sudan and other conflict-affected regions. Recently, the European Union announced that it will give 1 billion euros extra to Syrian refugees in Syria and its neighboring countries. There are more refugees and internally displaced people than ever before. Nearly 60 million people have had to risk their lives and flee their homes from natural and man-made disasters. As part of the global Caritas network and together with the Dutch Relief Alliance, Cordaid provides aid to the world’s most vulnerable people.


Cordaid helps the refugees in Europe who have practically been through some of the worst things imaginable to make their way to European shores. Cordaid provides aid to 125,000 refugees in Serbia and Greece and will continue to provide emergency relief as they continue to make their way up north.

Food aid in Greece (photo: Caritas)


One of the countries the refugees flee from is Syria, where Cordaid has various projects for displaced people on the run from the ungoing violence and atrocities. Cordaid is providing emergency aid to displaced people in Damascus by ensuring they receive a daily meal.

Field Kitchen Damascus (photo: JRS Syria)

Northern Iraq

In neighboring Iraq, Cordaid coordinates the Dutch Relief Alliance in Iraqi Kurdistan, a consortium that provides emergency relief to internally displaced people that have fled from IS.
> Watch the videos made in Northern Iraq

Girl in IDP camp Northern Iraq (Photo: Cordaid/Chris de Bode)


Lebanon is one of the countries that have seen a dramatic increase in Syrian refugees who fled the continued violence and have settled in different refugee camps in Lebanon. Cordaid is part of a Dutch joint humanitarian response which aims at saving lives.

Refugee camp in Lebanon (photo: Caritas)

South Sudan

In South Sudan, Cordaid distributes shelter and non-food items, such as fishing nets and tools to families who fled from the places most heavily affected by the violence in the country.

Distribution of medicines in South Sudan (Photo: Cordaid/John Kolff)

Congo DRC

Cordaid offers aid to the people who fled the electoral violence in Burundi to Congo DRC. Cordaid now gives 2,500 families an emergency package, which consists of blankets, shawls, mosquito nets, saucepans, cutlery, soap, and a lamp which works on solar energy.

Emergency packages (photo: Cordaid)

Central African Republic

The Central African Republic (CAR) has suffered from repeated armed conflict over the past decade. Cordaid provides aid to many villagers, who are displaced because their villages have been destroyed.

IDP camp in the CAR (photo: Cordaid / Arie Kievit)

Cordaid continues working with partners and the communities to support refugees and displaced people.

Address the root causes

At the same time, we continue our efforts to address  the root causes of armed conflict, such as extreme poverty and inequality, in the countries the refugees originate from, like Afghanistan, Sudan and South Sudan.

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