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Daughters of the Niger Delta

The film Daughters of the Niger Delta won the award for Best documentary film at the International Film Festival in Abuja Nigeria last weekend. The film was made by Mind, a partner of Cordaid.

“Many people in the Niger Delta have lost their source of income, agriculture and fishing, by major oil spills. The oil provides roughly 65 percent of federal government revenue annually, but this has not led to improvements in education and health care. Poverty and frustration lead to violence and the disintegration of communities.

“The film Daughters of the Niger Delta shows how women live and fight under those circumstances. It is important that oil companies, government and residents work together on structural solutions to a problem that arose during more than half a century of oil extraction, ” said Elly Rijnierse from Cordaid.

The film is based on short films made by women from the area who were trained and supervised by Cordaid ‘s partner organization MIND. This organization’s mission is to help to make women’s voices heard. Cordaid funded their training.

Bread Winners and bridge builders

The short films are currently on display in Nigeria. They form a series of short documentaries that give a vivid picture of how women to keep their heads above water despite the difficult circumstances. The movies are a recognition of their role as breadwinner, mediator and arbitrator.

Film as inspiration

The screenings are organized for a diverse audience, from university professors to women’s groups and youth councils in remote communities. All of these groups have to do with the subject of the films. The screenings provide lively discussions and ideas for action. Not only on the oil issue, but also about the position of women. For the women in the Niger Delta are facing more problems than just the oil spills.

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