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Debate on development and migration in the Netherlands

In the run-up to the European elections, Cordaid organized a political debate on 14 May on development and migration. Five candidates for the European Parliament shared their perspectives and positions on these topics.

Migration is of all times, but recently migration has become an even more debated and polarizing topic in society and politics. The regional elections in March were largely about migration and we expect the same for the 23 May European elections.

Research report

During the meeting, Cordaid presented a research report on development and migration. The research focuses among other things on the contribution of migrants to the Netherlands and their countries of origin. In addition, the document offers policy recommendations for both the Netherlands and Europe, for example on how best to address the root causes of forced migration and improve reception of refugees in the region.

Debate on European elections

These recommendations were presented to candidate members of the European Parliament from the Labour Party (PvdA), GreenLeft, People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), Democrats66 and the Socialist Party. The debate was preceded by a keynote speech by Koos Richelle, Chairman of the Advisory Committee on Migration Affairs.

Read the summary of the debate here.

Download the research report here.

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