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Ebola: continued efforts in Sierra Leone

We have reported earlier on Cordaid’s efforts with local partner organizations to stop the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone. We continue our efforts and some new activities.

In a consortium with Health Poverty Action, Planned Parenthood Association, Christian Brothers and many volunteers Cordaid is active in severely affected districts. We provide an ebola emergency program in districts including Dama Malegohun, Kenema, Bombali and Pujehin, with a whole network of social workers and volunteers.

We offer local communities support including medical kits, training and information campaigns. In addition, we continue to work on the structural improvement of health care, economy and food security.

The aid is effective. In brief, the local partners have concluded that the population is becoming increasingly aware of the risks of Ebola. Education on prevention, about hand washing and not eating meat from monkeys and bats, for example, is catching on. Aid remains truly necessary though, as becomes clear from the facts and figures about Ebola.

New activities

In addition to the activities which we reported on earlier, we have added a number of new activities in the past few months:

  • Distribution of posters and flyers about Ebola. These are put up in public places such as community centers, market halls and busy streets;
  • Showing documentaries that invite interactive sessions, in which the facts and misconceptions around Ebola are discussed;
  • Organizing live radio talk shows and theater shows, aimed at raising awareness and prevention of Ebola;
  • Overlooking 30 special hand washing stations at police stations. In addition, the people who come to wash their hands are counted and the numbers are tracked. In the period from mid-October to mid-November, nearly 90,000 people have washed their hands at the stations, showing that the campaigning for awareness works;
  • Developing STOP.ebola, a special memory game to educate people in the affected area;
  • Distributing Ebola kits that arrived with the ship Karel Doorman.

Together with partners Cordaid remains committed to the fight.