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If you want peace, prevent conflict

Today, on International Peace Day, Cordaid calls on governments around the globe to realize the bold commitments they made to foster sustainable peace. Preventing crises, rather than only responding to them, should be at the heart of international and national agenda’s.

Today’s global challenges include unprecedented levels of humanitarian need, rising inequality and increasing threats to our shared security. To make it worse, the international community dramatically fails to meet the funding requirements to respond to the biggest humanitarian crises.

With the adoption of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in 2015 and dual resolutions on Sustaining Peace in 2016, the world has shown the will to address these challenges. But action and proper funding are lagging too far behind.

Civil society, including youth and women’s groups, are at the forefront of building peace at all levels and in all places.

4 steps towards more peace

This is why Cordaid, with more than a hundred other international peacebuilding organisations, call upon UN Member States, currently convening in the 72nd UN General Assembly, to take the following steps:

  • Fully embrace the commitments to peace in the 2030 Agenda. Justice and inclusion need to be highlighted in all SDG reporting, reflecting the role of peace as an indispensable condition of development.
  • Balance national efforts with a focus on regional and international drivers of peace, justice and inclusion. States are duty holders and need to take concerted action to support responsible trade, reduce arms flows and promote constructive financial, tax and investment practices.
  • Mainstream prevention. Crisis response needs to be forward looking and contributing to longer term peacebuilding. Apply a preventive lens to all development and humanitarian action, before, during and after conflict. And adequately fund peacebuilding and preventive priorities at all levels.
  • Protect and support civil society. Civil society, including youth and women’s groups, are at the forefront of building peace at all levels and in all places. Yet around the world, onerous restrictions are imposed on civil society groups to be effective, speak out and access funding.

This is a summary of the full statement.

Cordaid and peacebuilding

Cordaid’s work in fragile and conflict-affected countries makes communities more sustainable and resilient. We strengthen effective, accountable and inclusive institutions, and – decision-making and assist governments to provide basic services where they are most needed in an equitable manner. Further to that, also by hosting and coordinating the Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding, Cordaid strengthens the voice and capacity of civil society. We support civil society organisations to effectively engage in peacebuilding and state building as a critical contribution to crisis prevention and sustainable peace and development for all.