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International Women’s Day: let us honour the resistance of women in Afghanistan

International Women’s Day is a strong reminder of the struggles of women who are fighting for their rights, everywhere in the world. This struggle became particularly poignant in Afghanistan after the Taliban seized power in August 2021.

On this day we share the thoughts of our colleague Amina Rezaie, who works for Cordaid as a volunteer on corporate strategy, communication, and innovation. Amina fled her beloved country after the Taliban takeover and now lives in the Netherlands.

International Women's Day“This year, on March 8, let us recognise and honour the resistance of women in Afghanistan.

Afghan women set an example for courage and endurance.

Whenever the dark rule of the Taliban silences a woman with violence, her voice will only become louder.

This year, on March 8, let us appreciate the fearless women of Afghanistan who protest the streets of Kabul and ask for “work, bread, freedom!” while getting beaten and thrown into jail.

Let us think about the millions of Afghan women who are barred from going to school or doing the work they love doing so much.

Still, they continue to resist.

Let us remember all the Afghan women who have been robbed of their dignity, values, rights, freedom, education, jobs, dreams, and hopes.

Let us walk together with the Afghan women who bravely walk the bloody streets, protesting not only against the daily brutality but also against the silence of the world.

Most importantly, this year, let us give hope to all the Afghan women who have lost twenty years of achievements and now, without any hope left, spend their days remembering all they had.”