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Launch CIDSE campaign for sustainable lifestyles

Joint action to change the planet – that is what CIDSE, the international alliance of 17 Catholic development organizations of which Cordaid is a member, believes needs to take place soon. People need to be more conscious of how their choices in food and energy consumption affect the environment and increase climate change. The 1st of July will therefore mark the start of a 3-year campaign called ‘Change for the Planet – Care for the People’ that calls for radical change in lifestyles and policy decisions.

The campaign will focus on energy and food consumption, by calling for better policies as well as on everybody to ‘do their share’. Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini and Joep van Zijl, Director of Cordaid in The Netherlands, will travel to Rome to attend the launch event.


Like Pope Francis in his recent Encyclical, CIDSE and Cordaid believe that urgent action is necessary. “The Pope is right to make climate change the main priority and to tell the whole world to take responsibility and to care for our fellowmen and for the Earth,” Filippini said earlier.
In the run-up to the UN Climate Summit in Paris in December, CIDSE and others join in a worldwide call to phase out use of fossil fuels and invest in 100% renewable energy that is accessible to every person on the planet.
CIDSE: “We want to show that people have the power to bring about the change we are calling for and which policy makers are not delivering on.”

Through social media activities, workshops and events, CIDSE will invite people to make a difference through their daily choices, and to contribute this way to building a better world. Cutting the amount of the energy you use, buying local and sustainably produced food, placing priority on taking public transport, and eating less meat are examples of daily practices that count.

The discussion paper for the launch event puts our lifestyles into perspective: “dignity and sustainability. Our motivation cannot be to “have more,” but should be inspired by love and sharing, kindness and sacrifice – consuming to live, not living to consume.”

People’s Test on Climate

In addition to this campaign, CIDSE has initiated the People’s Test on Climate, which seeks to evaluate the outcomes of COP21 through the eyes of people, especially those who are most vulnerable and whose livelihoods are affected by increasingly unstable climate conditions. The objective is to put pressure on decision-makers to be more ambitious and less business-as-usual, as nothing less will address the most urgent existential challenge of our lifetime. More on the test can be found on the CIDSE website.

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