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Security and Justice Libya

Libya at risk: everyday threats faced by civil society organizations

Last week, we commemorated the importance of international human rights and celebrated the 4th anniversary of the United Nations Security Council Resolution (UNSCR) 2250 on the critical role of Youth in Peace and Security. In Libya, women and youth activists and Civil Society Organizations play a significant role in protecting and promoting human rights and UNSCR 2250.

The old town of Tripoli, Libya’s capital city. Photo: Tadmouri CC BY-SA 3.0

Libya has been in conflict since 2011, and in the absence of functioning state institutions, Libyan CSOs have taken up the important role of advancing the development of an inclusive and stable society. In the context of war, they perform outstanding work and make active contributions to peace and security on the local and national level. Unfortunately, the space to operate freely has been shrinking and they face many challenges.

During this week, we want to bring special attention to the everyday challenges and risks that Libyan CSOs, especially women and youth organizations from the Women and Youth as Bridge Builders program supported under the Dutch NAP 1325, are facing.

This policy brief highlights the most common obstacles and provides recommendations for policymakers.

For more stories about the courageous work of Libyan CSOs and activist from Women and Youth as Bridge Builders program, read the interviews with dr. Rida Al Tubuly and Asma Khalifa. Also, check out this article in Global Observatory.