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Cordaid NL

Smart Water Solutions extends activities

Cordaid and the Dutch water technology company AAWS have set up Smart Water Solutions India, a social enterprise. The company is based in Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat.

The organizations developed a marketing and a hygiene awareness campaign for potential customers and a new website. The water is sold at an affordable price of € 0.04 per liter and with the sales, operational and maintenance costs can be covered.

The goal is to set up a total of 50 shops in 2017. In the villages, meetings are being organized regularly for different target groups. At those meetings, the focus is on the relationship between clean water and health. Clean water does not only taste better, it also prevents diseases like kidney stones, skin problems, and diarrhea.

Smart Water Solutions is active in rural areas but will soon start in the slums of Ahmedabad, the capital of Gujarat State, where there is also a high demand for clean drinking water.

Watch this video for more information on Smart Water Solutions:

Smart Water Solutions is extending its activities

Since April 2017, SWS has accelerated its activities. The new local councils (Gram Panchayat) were installed and their budgets were approved. During the last three months, SWS has been focusing on improving market penetration. In the villages, home delivery has been introduced as an additional service and new staff members have been added to the local team.

25 potential new villages were selected and the coming period SWS will sign at least 5 contracts with local authorities together with WASMO (Water and Sanitation Management Organization).

Drinking water out of wastewater

SWS signed an MOU with Banas Dairy a cooperative from Palanpure with four running plants. They will implement a demonstration project to produce drinking water out of the wastewater provided by the plant located at the Banas Dairy factory site. If the demonstration proofs to be successful, Banas Dairy will invite SWS for a second stage project in which a purification system able to purify up to 1,600 m3/day of wastewater will be installed.

SWS also signed an MOU with the NGO Avval to setup 16 new shops between July and December 2017 and to take care of the operation of 4 existing water shops in the peri-urban area of Ahmedabad. The concept differs from the rural water shop model not only because it is located in the peri-urban slums but also because SWS will install simple purification machines that deliver 1 liter of chilled water at a time. People pay by using coins.