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People of Ukraine deserve peace and dignity

Cordaid is deeply concerned by the events in Ukraine. Both residents and humanitarian workers are exposed to grave immediate risks. We urgently call upon all parties in the conflict to adhere to their obligations under international humanitarian law.

The conflict causes severe human suffering in the region and particularly to the people in Ukraine. In the eastern part of the country, they have already endured 8 years of armed conflict. Over 1.5 million people have been displaced and an estimated 2.9 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance. The deterioration of political dialogue and the escalation in hostilities threaten to increase the humanitarian needs exponentially.

“The option of war is always a failure.”

We reiterate the message by Caritas Europe that, irrespective of the current tensions, the needs of those caught in this ongoing crisis must be prioritised, and humanitarian access must continuously be granted where needed.

War is always a failure

“The option of war is always a failure”, says Cordaid CEO Kees Zevenbergen. “It results in nothing less than horror for all the people of Ukraine.”

Cordaid’s sister organisation Caritas Ukraine has been responding to the crisis right from the start in 2014. It has provided life-saving support to almost 950.000 people in the affected areas. Cordaid financially supports their emergency response to the conflict. “We are definitely seeking ways to augment our support, given the unfolding events”, says Cordaid’s humanitarian aid coordinator Paul Borsboom.

Conflict Ukraine
Volunteers are providing food to people who have been affected by the conflict. Image: Caritas Ukraine

Call for diplomacy and dialogue

Like all members of Caritas, Cordaid stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, especially with the most underprivileged. They deserve to live in peace and with dignity. This is why we call for increased efforts of diplomacy and political dialogue by all parties to deescalate and prevent further military action. Failing to do so will result in millions of Ukrainians fleeing their homes and seeking assistance. This would constitute a humanitarian disaster on a scale not seen in Europe for decades.