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Cordaid NL
Private Sector Development El Salvador

A recreational area for youth in El Salvador

In Mejicanos, a fragile neighborhood in San Salvador riddled by gang violence, Cordaid and partners are constructing a City Park in close collaboration with the local municipality and residents. On Friday, July 10, the inauguration of the first phase of the City Park took place with the opening of the soccer field.

The mayor of Mejicanos, Simón Paz, opened the soccer field which will benefit more than 40,000 people from various communities and surrounding places.  “I am very happy to see how spaces are slowly opening up for our people, now we have a playground for everyone. I thank these institutions for the development of Mejicanos,” the mayor said.

The City Park has its own governance structure, which includes the municipality, NGOs and communities. The coordination of the park has been handed over to the municipality, who will further take care of it in collaboration with Cordaid and partners.

The City Park is part of an integrated neighborhood project in an area marked by high incidences of unemployment, lack of basic services, proper housing, and public recreational areas or green spaces. Mejicanos is categorized as a ‘red zone’, where high rates of violence and crime prevail. The poor living conditions and lack of prospects for young people contribute to conflictive situations and the presence of youth gangs, which make the neighborhood unsafe and deeply stigmatized.

Documentary on the soccer field inauguration:

 Coverage from Channel 19, GENTEVE News channel:

The first component of the City Park project has been realized with an investment of $ 430,000 and ample support of the municipality and other institutions such as FUNDASAL, SSPAS, CBC, FUSANDRES, CEMUJER, FUSALMO, FADEMYPE, ATOSBORNE and CORDAID. 

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To complete the construction of the City Park and realize other components such as a community center, an amphitheater, a basketball field, an agriculture zone and a skate park, Cordaid is looking for additional funding and expertise. Are you interested to connect to the City Park Mejicanos? Please contact Marloe Dresens, Business Development Manager at Cordaid Urban Matters.

When the Mejicanos City Park is completed:

  • 5.000 youngsters play and live in a safer area
  • 172.000 people have access to a peaceful public space nearby
  • 1.500 people attend educational activities to obtain employment
  • 3.000 families have secured access to local food through urban agriculture


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