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Revolutionary UN resolution on Youth, Peace and Security adopted

The UN Security Council has adopted a resolution to strengthen the role of youth in peace processes and negotiations. The number of youth – roughly, the category between 14 and 25 years old – in the world has never been this large: 1.8 billion. That makes it logical and necessary for youth to be involved in decision-making processes about their own future and that of their country.

For three years, Cordaid and UNOY have rallied together to have this resolution adopted. The fact that a budget is connected to it from the start we see as an important improvement compared with UN Security Council resolution 1325 on women, peace and security. Without actively and earnestly involving youth in peace processes, the call of extremism is tempting them. Now, we can keep them on board and show them there are other options,” according to Simone Filippini, Cordaid’s CEO.

The majority of youth actually plays a role in the countering of violence and extremism and in establishing lasting peace.

Protecting youth in conflict

The resolution determines government’s duties in key points on protecting youth in conflict and post-conflict areas and on promoting their participation in peace negotiations. Violence, extremism and the increasing number of refugees and IDPs, nationally as well as internationally, have a disproportionately big and negative influence on youth.

Countering radicalization

“This resolution acknowledges the threat of radicalization and extremism for youth, but also clearly shows that the majority of youth does not want that and actually plays a role in the countering of violence and extremism and in establishing lasting peace. Investing in education and vocational skills is of the utmost importance,” says UNOY coordinator Matilda Flemming.

Research and debate

Alongside the adoption of resolution 2250, a global research will be carried out on the current situation in the area of youth, peace and security. Also, an annual debate will take place in the Security Council to speak about the progress on the implementation of the resolution.

Read the Resolution’s text here