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Gavi and Cordaid join hands in Burundi

Simone Filippini visits pledging conference for GAVI in Berlin.

GAVI, the UN vaccine alliance, aims at building effective health systems and achieving healthy development in the world. January 26 and  27 the German government organizes a conference with high-level panel discussions to discuss the importance of global health systems.

Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel is the patron of the conference. The conference marks the first milestone of Germany’s G7 presidency in 2015. At the same time the event will be an opener for the Year 2015 for Development, which will culminate in the adoption of a new agenda for sustainable development at the UN summit in NYC in September.

One of Germany’s main focal points is strengthening health systems, as they provide the basis for healthy and sustainable development. The ebola-crisis is a painful reminder on how important health system development is.

Gavi is successful in achieving healthy development and building effective health systems. Cooperating with various actors from politics, civil society, academia, NGO’s and the private sector.

The last two years GAVI and Cordaid have successfully joined hands to increase vaccine coverage in Burundi.

GAVI – Cordaid projects.