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Video: Cordaid in Afghanistan

For decades, Afghanistan has been a battlefield of national and international forces. Living conditions are especially challenging in rural areas, with women and children being the most vulnerable. Cordaid has been supporting people in Afghanistan since 2001.

A group of Afghan filmmakers set off to various corners of the country. They went to clinics where they spoke to doctors and patients and visited people who fled the ongoing violence.

In the coming weeks, we will publish a series of videos in which we show what our activities and efforts mean to the people of Afghanistan, who, despite all the setbacks, remain resilient and strong.

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1. Supporting the healthcare system in Afghanistan

This first episode is about Cordaid’s commitment to supporting and strengthening the healthcare system in the province of Uruzgan. Lack of access to primary health care leads to high mortality rates, especially among mothers and children under five. Cordaid and its local partner AHDS have been implementing the national health packages in Uruzgan for over ten years.

2. Kandahar Institute of Health Sciences

The second video is about Cordaid’s support to the Kandahar Institute of Health Sciences (KIHS), which trains midwives and improves maternal healthcare in southern Afghanistan. Cordaid has been supporting the KIHS since 2007.

3. Providing humanitarian aid in Afghanistan

This third episode is about Cordaid’s humanitarian aid activities in Nangarhar.

4. Supporting resilient communities in Afghanistan

This fourth episode is about Cordaid’s resilience and disaster risk reduction activities in the Balkh province.