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World Bank Brown Bag Lunch on Open Development

May 19 Cordaid presents its vision on the catalytic role of Open Development to enhance social accountability during a World Bank Brown Bag Lunch Session in Washington DC. The event is live-streamed.

Caroline Kroon and Izabella Toth, both Senior Corporate Strategists, present Cordaid’s vision on the Open Development Movement. The Brown Bag Lunch (BBL) is organized as part of the first Knowledge Platform of the Global Partnership for Social Accountability (GPSA). “The use of open development, inclusive, transparent tools and technological means to empower people to engage, is a precondition for success”, says Izabella Toth.

They will present a variety of tools and approaches, from Open Performance Based Financing, to IATI transparency and Cordaid’s engagement through it. Highlight of the presentation is the Flourishing Community Index: a tool that is being developed by Cordaid to capture the needs, aspirations and development priorities of communities independently of specific, development actors and donors.

Toth explains: “The commitments of the international donor community to achieve accelerated impact in poverty eradication calls for new thinking, intervention strategies and different implementation. Enhancing mutual social accountability, restoring social contracts between states and their citizens, is integral part of this and fully recognizes the role of civil society organizations”

We are not only answering the question if we are doing things right, but also if we are doing the right thing.

The Flourishing Community Index is an open source tool based on modern technology for organizations and institutions to deliver more relevant and effective policies, programs and products. By openly sharing information on the Internet in easy-to-read formats it becomes easier to answer not only the question ‘Are we doing things right?’ but also ‘Are we doing the right thing?’

Paul Khomba, Cordaid’s Health Program Manager in DRC, will present an on the ground case study in which he explains how the capacity building of citizens contributed to enhancing the quality of health services. Other cases from Afghanistan and Nigeria will be presented too.

The lunch session, an informal session for experts, is linked to the Bank’s efforts to support strengthening transparency and accountability, and contribute to restore the social contract between state and its citizens.

The session follows days after the first GPSA’s Global Partners Forum, a multi stakeholder partnership including governments, civil society, bilateral and multilateral dondors, international private foundations and the private sector from around the world working in the field of social accountability on May 14 & 15. Cordaid has been partner of GPSA since 2012.

Download our Position Paper on the Open Development Movement with more detailed information about the Flourishing Community Index.

Read the official announcement of the Brown Bag Lunch Session.