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Cordaid NL
Humanitarian Aid

Aid for victims hurricane Irma

Cordaid has come into action for hurricane Irma’s victims. Initially, we provide 200,000 € for emergency aid in the affected areas.

Hurricane Irma

The inhabitants of Saint Maarten and surrounding islands suffer from the consequences of the devastation. Now that a large part of the island’s infrastructure has been wiped out and with new hurricanes possibly hitting the region, Cordaid calls on the Dutch population to support aid efforts in the Caribbean.

Currently, Cordaid’s Emergency Aid Coordinators are mapping the situation and the needs, in order to get the aid where it’s needed most, as quickly as possible. On Sint Maarten we collaborate with our local partner Caritas Antilles, the Dutch government and other aid organizations. In case there will be a Dutch national fundraising campaign (SHO) for victims in the Caribbean, Cordaid will take part.

“I keep on looking on my phone and social media all day long.”

Dutch territory

“To respond to this major disaster as quickly as possible we will mobilize our network,” says Annelies Claessens, director of Cordaid’s emergency aid unit. “St. Maarten is part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As a country we are directly affected by this disaster. So it goes without saying that we need to help with shelter, food and water.”

Last week, Shyvonne Henry started as a trainee at Cordaid, on the day Irma raged across her island. She is from the Dutch part of Saint Maarten and has been trying in vain for two days to contact family and friends. “This is terrible,” says Shyvonne. “I look on my phone and social media all day long, but there is no way of communicating. I know the destruction is huge, but I don’t know how my family is doing. On top of that, new hurricanes are coming.”