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Aleppo: helping a city under siege

While the city of Aleppo is being destroyed piece by piece, our colleagues from the Jesuit Refugee Service and Caritas Syria do the impossible to continue their aid work. They report from the battlefield.

Between April 23 and May 3 over 2300 mortars hit Aleppo. Joseph, a Caritas Syria employee, reports: “Where is my father? Where are my children? For more than ten days the people of Aleppo have been asking these questions.”

Indiscriminate shelling

Mortars hit every neighborhood, indiscriminately. “We’re asking God how many hours we have left to live”, says Joseph.

Caritas staff in Aleppo  (photo: Caritas Syria)

Schools, universities and hospitals aren’t spared. “Al-Dabit hospital, one of the best in the country, and Al-Razi public hospital, which gives medical services for free, are under threat.”

“We’re asking God how many hours we have left to live”

Joseph, Caritas Syria employee

Caritas staff members have seen their homes damaged and destroyed. But they continue to provide help to other war victims. Joseph: “We can no longer visit the victims in their homes and in hospitals because of the shelling. But we’re still collecting information about their needs and hope to help them in the coming days.”

“Mortars fell directly next to the JRS distribution center and next to the JRS clinic.”

Cedric Prakash, Jesuit Refugee Service, MENA Regional Office

Forced to suspend activities

The Jesuit Refugee Service, another one of our partner organizations inside Aleppo, regret that they were forced to suspend activities yesterday, due to the recent escalation of violence. JRS regional advocacy officer Cedric Prakash in Aleppo reports: “The son of one our staff members was injured. Mortars fell directly next to the JRS distribution center and next to the JRS clinic.”

JRS is evaluating the security situation today and will decide later whether they will resume activities in Aleppo.

Standing with Aleppo

Cordaid stands with the people of Aleppo and with our colleagues whose courage and solidarity are tested beyond imagination. We pray that peace returns to Aleppo and the whole of Syria and call upon all warring factions  to stop hostilities with immediate effect.

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