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Refugees on Lesbos receive aid

Staff and volunteers of Caritas Greece and Cordaid have distributed sleeping bags and mats among refugees on Lesbos.

The distribution took place near the village of Moira, where more than thousand refugees stay in an improvised camp.

Cordaid CEO Simone Filippini, who assisted in the hand out of mats, said she was “grateful to be able to reach out to the refugees even if the relief offered pales in comparison to the needs of the refugees stranded on the island awaiting permission to embark on the ferries to Athens.”

Registration is laborious and there is great lack of capacity on the part of local authorities to organize the reception of refugees. Simone Filippini: “Driven by hunger, thirst and poor hygiene, people want to depart from the island as quickly as possible. The long wait in dire conditions leads to despair and tensions between groups of refugees as some nationalities, notably Syrians, have priority over others”.

On Tuesday, UN and Greek authorities launched a joint operation to accelerate the provision of travel permission to 15,000 refugees on Lesbos. However, every day thousands of new refugees are arriving on the island.