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Chief Operational Officer Ylse van der Schoot is leaving Cordaid 

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Netherlands -

Ylse van der Schoot, COO at Cordaid, will step down on March 1, 2024. After an intense period of almost three years of managing the country offices, humanitarian activities, thematic expertise, global projects and operational processes, Ylse believes it is time for a change.

Ylse van der Schoot, COO Cordaid
Ylse van der Schoot

Ylse van der Schoot informed the Supervisory Board of her decision at the beginning of this year.

Ylse: “Christmas and the New Year is always a good time to reflect. This led me to the conclusion that it is time for more contemplation and a new challenge. I consider my assignment as COO futureproof and decided to continue my work outside of Cordaid from the 1st of March. Cordaid’s work is, of course, never finished. The search for the optimal design and implementation of development work and the provision of emergency relief in fragile states is a permanent process, as it is for many NGOs. I am proud of what Cordaid has achieved with its partners in many different countries in this complex world and I look back with joy on the pleasant collaboration with many expert and passionate colleagues.”

Ton Heerts, chairman of the Supervisory Board: “We regret that Ylse has decided to leave Cordaid, but we are extremely grateful to her for all the work she has done for the organisation. Solidarity and justice are core values that adorn Ylse’s personality. She has consistently promoted these values in her position as COO. Driven by content, with a lot of knowledge and experience, and always keeping a close eye on the human element behind the work, Ylse has achieved many improvements for the organisation. As the Supervisory Board, we are very grateful and appreciative of everything Ylse has done for Cordaid.”