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Cordaid NL
Cordaid The Netherlands

Cordaid and ICCO exploring intensive cooperation

The Dutch-based development organisations Cordaid and ICCO Cooperation are exploring a possible merger. We believe that by joining forces we will further increase the relevance, impact and efficiency in the countries we work in, the people we work for and with. We will continue under the name Cordaid (or Cordaid International), and we will continue to use the brand name ICCO where relevant.

Cordaid and ICCO are very much complementary organisations which makes it attractive to collaborate. Both organisations have a similar background. Cordaid being rooted in the Catholic and ICCO in the Protestant communities in the Netherlands, we share a compatible identity. We see eye to eye on our values and we share the same vision on development, such as system change and social enterprising. Moreover, we have expertise in complementary themes and countries.

Together Cordaid and ICCO serve the whole range of the humanitarian-development nexus: from building resilience in vulnerable communities, strengthening systems in health, food and education, towards supporting entrepreneurship and creating jobs. We believe that together we can increase the impact in the countries we work in. We also believe that together we can achieve considerable economies of scale in the organisation and our programmes.

If all works out well, the merger between Cordaid and ICCO will take place at the beginning of 2021. Until then, Cordaid and ICCO will carry out exploratory and legal actions a merger requires. Both organisations will further elaborate on the thematic focus of the new organisation and the implications for staff, offices and programmes.