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Cordaid resilience presentation at World Water Week

During the session ‘Addressing conflict risks in climate adaptation and mitigation efforts’ at the World Water Week in Stockholm on August 29th, Cordaid will deliver a presentation on enhancing climate and conflict resilience at a local level.

World Water Week is a conference organized by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The conference focuses on new thinking and positive action toward water-related challenges and their impact on the world’s environment, health, climate, economic and poverty reduction.

The session is organized by Cordaid together with Deltares, PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency, The World Bank Group and Clingendael-Netherlands Institute of International Relations.

Community-centered approaches

In this session, Cordaid’s Sanne Vermeulen will present community-centered approaches in South Sudan on behalf of the Cordaid South Sudan team.

When the UNSC first identified climate change as a ‘threat multiplier’ this led to a surge of responses: the security agenda was abused to allocate resources towards climate change while evidence was lacking.

Now, 10 years later, the question is no longer whether climate change can exacerbate conflict risks. It is accepted that in certain contexts, climate change can, mostly through changes in water availability, affect social and economic conditions.

Examples from practice

This may then lead to an increase in societal inequity, social disruption, migration and sometimes even violent conflict. This event will present sound and unfortunate examples from practice, global scale tools to identify conflict risks, and by discussing the knowledge needs and possible role of international finance providers to account for and reduce conflict risks.

More information

  • Date: August 29
  • Time: 14.00-15.30
  • Address:
    Folkets Hus, Barnhusgtan 12-14
  • Contact:
    Stockholm International Water Institute
    Phone: +46 8 121 360 00
    Email: [email protected]
    Visiting Adress: Linnegatan 87A