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Cordaid NL
Humanitarian Aid The Netherlands

Food aid for struggling families in the Dutch Caribbean

Through a successful fundraiser on Dutch national television, famous comedian Jandino Asporaat and Cordaid have raised more than 1 million euros. Thanks to the generous donations to the Samen één Konkrijk (Together One Kingdom) campaign, aid organisations in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten are distributing food packages to those who need support.

Food packages in Curaçao. Image: Berber van Beek/Studio Rootz

The economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic is throwing a large part of the population of the Dutch Caribbean islands into despair. For many families, it has become dangerously difficult to get through the day with enough food to eat.

The islands need our help

For example, of a total population of 160,000 in Curaçao, 40,000 people live in poverty. That was already the case before the pandemic. Now, the measures to contain the virus have exacerbated the situation in which an outbreak of famine has become a serious threat.

With tourism currently being non-existent on the islands, thousands of people are left without any income at all. Add on the problems of the approximately 35,000 refugees who live in Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten in difficult conditions and it becomes very clear the islands need our help.

Caritas Willemstad, Cordaid’s implementing partner organisation in Curaçao, will purchase the food items and coordinate the logistics to make sure the packages are distributed to those families who need it most. One package contains enough food for two weeks for a family of four.

Joint effort

The calculation of the number of packages per island is made based on the population and the number of refugees on an island. This means 50% of the proceeds go to Curaçao, 38% to Aruba and 12% to Sint Maarten.

With this joint effort of the collaborating organisations on the islands, we can reach a significant part of the population. In addition, Cordaid will continue to call the necessary attention to the situation of Venezuelan refugees in Aruba and Curaçao.