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How to address water scarcity and flood risks in times of climate change

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In November 2018, Vice Versa published a special issue called The World of Water, in which writers explore the dynamics of water and the challenges we face today. The magazine focuses on water scarcity, access to drinking water and sanitation, and water management in delta areas. Cordaid and the Partners for Resilience alliance (PfR), of which Cordaid is a member, contributed to this issue with experiences from our programs in Kenya and Uganda.

Flooding from climate change
Image: CCO Creative Commons Pixabay

The first article about water scarcity and climate, A battle on the scale of David and Goliath, tells the story of how pastoralists living downstream of the Ewaso Nyiro River are influencing the planned construction of a mega dam.

Our work within the PfR program in Kenya is featured in this article along with an in-depth analysis of the context with all different stakeholders being heard. Read the English or Dutch versions below:

The next article, Expect plenty of unexpected showers, addresses the impact of climate change on crop farmers and pastoralists in Karamoja region in Uganda. Cordaid and other organizations were involved in integrated water resource management planning in 2 catchment areas in Karamoja. Our local partner Caritas Kotido shares some lessons in the article.

Through advocacy on integrated risk management and through supporting the implementation of resilience projects at local level, Cordaid contributes to better availability and management of water resources. These activities remain important to support climate change adaptation and sustainable development planning in developing countries.