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Humanitarian Aid Afghanistan

Providing humanitarian aid in Afghanistan: right up until the shooting starts

Cordaid has been providing cash assistance to displaced people, returning refugees, and residents in Torghundi, a remote township along the Afghan and Iranian border in the province of Herat. The region is currently under Taliban control.

The armed conflict in Afghanistan has deteriorated over the past two months. Provincial districts and capitals are rapidly falling into the Taliban’s hands. Their offensive has now reached the outskirts of some of Afghanistan’s major cities.

Increasing violence

Like Herat, an important regional hub in the western part of the country. People in Herat province have seen the violence increasing at an alarming rate and the conflict has now also reached the city of Herat. Most of the districts in the province are now under Taliban control.

All this has resulted in a full-blown humanitarian crisis. Many inhabitants of the conflict zones are forced to leave their homes in search of safety, while in most cases they were already struggling with extreme poverty before the outbreaks of violence.

Committed to deliver

Cordaid continues to provide life-saving support to those affected by conflict, abiding by the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality, and operational independence.

The aid workers travelled to Torghundi, where many displaced people and refugees who have returned from neighbouring Iran have gathered.

Following an initial assessment to identify those whose needs are most critical, the team distributed multi-purpose cash assistance – money that can be spent on a variety of essential items or shelter and food – to around a hundred people in the area. This will help them and their families to cope with the dire situation.

“My family will have food”

“I am the only breadwinner, but I have a disability”, says Ghulam Rasool, who fled the violence together with his family. “I need a job to provide food for my family. Now, we have been displaced due to the war and there is no work for me here. Thanks to the support we receive, my family will at least have food.”

Cordaid is committed to standing by the people of Afghanistan and will continue to deliver its life-saving assistance to people that have suffered and all families that are facing the immense challenges of conflict, natural disasters, and poverty.