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Cordaid NL
Humanitarian Aid Syria

Reaching out to displaced families in northern Syria

Nine days after Turkey launched its military action in northern Syria, nearly 200,000 Syrians have been forcibly displaced and sought safer grounds in villages and cities further to the south. Cordaid provides the affected population with food, water, blankets, and healthcare in the governorate of Hassaké.

(A Kurdish-Syrian mother and her child. © Stringer/Getty Images)

Less than a week after we first reported on Cordaid’s response to the crisis in northern Syria, the number of IDPs surged from 70.000 to 200.000.

Cordaid’s emergency plan – put into place with our Syrian partners – is to reach out fast to persons who need it most.

Cordaid’s humanitarian response

In the coming weeks, Cordaid is providing safe drinking water, food packages, hygiene kits, clothing, and blankets in the governorate of Hassaké.

Many Syrians leave the country and seek shelter in the Kurdish region of Iraq. Over there, Cordaid is ready to provide life-saving health care services to those who need emergency care.

Yet another dark chapter has been added to the seemingly endless war in Syria. More lives are disrupted, more people traumatized. Displaced families will take decades to grapple with the horrors and the suffering. For now, it is vital to provide the support that allows newly displaced Syrians not only to survive this immediate crisis but to survive it without losing their dignity.

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