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Cordaid NL
Humanitarian Aid Afghanistan

Responding to the displacement crisis in Kunduz

Cordaid is responding to the displacement crisis in Kunduz, Afghanistan. We provide multipurpose cash assistance to around five hundred households in Kunduz Province, displaced by the armed conflict between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

The assistance is carried out through the European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (ECHO) Emergency Response Mechanism.

Displacement crisis

In the past two months, the conflict in Afghanistan intensified across the country. Military operations and insurgent attacks have forced citizens in several provinces to leave their homes and villages.

Based on the information provided by the Department of Refugees and Returnees, in Kunduz alone, some ten thousand families from Imam Sahib, Aliabad, and Khanabad districts have been displaced so far. These numbers are growing as the conflict is still ongoing.

The assistance allows displaced families to prioritise and fulfil their basic needs, while in their resettlement process. Basic needs such as food, healthcare, shelter.

To save their lives in times of acute crisis, the families have left their belongings behind. To cope with the situation and resettle in safer locations, they either seek refuge among relatives or go into rental debt.

It is not only the conflict affecting people in Kunduz. The third wave of COVID-19 has also struck the country. Due to the displacement crisis caused by the armed conflict, people are now living in overcrowded areas with no health and safety measures in place. This exposes them to the deadly virus. In addition, poor economic circumstances have drastically increased food insecurity among households.

The assistance provided by Cordaid through ERM is an immediate response to the crisis. It allows families to prioritise and fulfil their basic needs for an estimated two months in their resettlement process. Basic needs such as food, healthcare, shelter, fuel & electricity. The assistance also helps to avoid negative coping mechanisms by the displaced families.

Need for further support

Widescale and multi-sectoral actions combined with early recovery interventions are required, to help people in Kunduz overcome the challenges of displacement, food insecurity, COVID-19, as well as severe health and hygiene problems.

Together with other national and international actors, Cordaid is trying to mobilise means of assistance and emergency support to adequately address the displacement crisis across the country.

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