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Aid workers are #NotATarget

The Central African republic is one of the world’s most dangerous countries for aid workers. Targeted attacks prevent aid workers from delivering much needed life-saving assistance. Last Saturday, on World Humanitarian Day, Cordaid staff in the Central African Republic, joined the #NotATarget campaign to ask for safe access to those in need.


Since the beginning of 2017 humanitarian personnel faced 181 violent incidents in the troubled country.

‘Reduction in the humanitarian space could rapidly lead to a new humanitarian catastrophe.’

“These attacks impact on our capacity to deliver life-saving assistance and much needed services to the affected population”, says a recent joint statement of INGO’s that are active in the CAR. “And given that half of the population is dependent on humanitarian aid, it is worrisome that the humanitarian organizations working to provide emergency relief to the most vulnerable can no longer do so due to the continuous violence towards civilians, themselves included. This reduction in  humanitarian space – both in terms of the humanitarian actors’ capacities to reach the affected population and the population’s ability to access basic services and life-saving assistance – could rapidly lead to a new humanitarian catastrophe in the Central African Republic.”

Read the full statement here: Press Release – CCO-NGO Mobilisation day v11

Stop attacking civilians and guarantee safe access

Cordaid is among the signatories to the statement, issued by the Comité de Coordination des ONGI en RCA. To stop the targeted attacks on civilians, including aid workers, the INGO’s

  • remind all parties of their responsibility to protect civilians’ lives and livelihoods;
  • strongly urge all parties to refrain from targeting civilians;
  • call on armed actors to agree on an immediate cease fire;
  • call on all parties to guarantee the safe access of civilians to life-saving and much needed services, and the safe access of the humanitarian actors to all vulnerable groups.


To reinforce these words Cordaid staff joined the  MSF #NotATarget social media campaign. Pictures in this article were taken at the Cordaid office in Bocaranga, a conflict-affected and much troubled city and sub prefecture in the northwest.


More than 100 Cordaid aid workers, in different parts of the country, are risking their lives daily to improve the basic living conditions of a population that is worn out by poverty and armed violence.