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The Climate Adaptation Summit “Communities most affected need the world’s support”

The Netherlands hosts this years’ international Climate Adaptation Summit, CAS 2021. As part of the Partners for Resilience Alliance, Cordaid actively participates in this agenda-setting event. 

Our planet is getting warmer, more polluted, and its natural resources are becoming exhausted. This has a growing impact on all societies and economies. “But small farmers and their communities in low-income countries are the first to feel the disastrous effects of climate change and to carry the burden. They are doing their utmost to adapt to increasingly recurring extreme climate crises such as droughts, hurricanes, and floods,” says Margot Loof, Cordaid’s Climate Resilience Expert.

“Countries and communities that carry the biggest climate change burden need the world’s support”, she continues. “Their predicament shows how urgently we need to act.

On January 25-26, CAS 2021 convenes global leaders and local stakeholders. It will see the launch of a comprehensive Adaptation Action Agenda that sets out clear commitments to deliver concrete new endeavours and partnerships to make our world more resilient to the effects of climate change.

“For many years, Cordaid has been supporting community resilience in disaster-prone areas. We document outcomes of projects and we advocate towards government actors to take climate change adaptation into account in their development planning.”

Margot Loof, Climate Resilience Expert

Given the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, this years’ summit is an online event, streaming a range of events from time zones across the globe during 24 hours. The aim is to inspire change and support tangible solutions to the problems of a warming world, and to show how we can achieve a climate-resilient future.

Cordaid CAS2021 events

Cordaid, as part of the Dutch Partners for Resilience Alliance (PfR), is contributing to the CAS by organising or participating in several side events. Here are some examples. 

  • A Faces of Resilience photo exhibition, by the PfR Alliance. This side event is organised jointly with the Global Network of CSO’s on Disaster Reduction (GNDR) and the UN Agency for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR). The PfR Alliance resilience work focuses on integrated risk management, including climate change adaptation.
  • A Nature-based Solutions Anchoring Event – showcasing local and municipal leadership in the realm of Nature-based Solutions. This event will feature local and municipal leadership in Building with Nature projects. 
  • There is also an Anchoring Event, hosted by the Government of Bangladesh, highlighting principles and examples of locally-led climate adaptation action. One such example is Cordaid’s project assisting farmers to introduce salt-tolerant crops so that fallow agricultural land becomes productive again for farmers (increasing flooding causes the soil to become saline).  This video shows you more.
  • Furthermore, Cordaid participates in the pitchfest and podcast of the Geodata for Agriculture and Water (G4AW) program. A collection of project pitches of several G4AW projects will be shown during the CAS 2021 summit. This video shows the example of how using satellites can improve smallholder resilience.

Supporting communities

“For many years, Cordaid has been supporting community resilience in disaster-prone areas. Climate change is aggravating disaster risks for communities in many countries, causing more severe droughts or more flooding due to excessive rainfall. We enable them to analyse their climate-related disaster risks and to adapt their livelihoods ta changing climate,” Margot Loof explains.

Advocacy towards governments

“We also document outcomes of projects and we advocate towards government actors to take climate change adaptation into account in their development planning. A key issue now is to allocate enough funding for climate change adaptation for the countries most affected by climate change,” she continues.

Addressing water scarcity in Kenya

A specific example of how Cordaid supported climate change adaptation with and led by local communities can be found in Isiolo County, Northern Kenya. Here, periods of drought are becoming more frequent, and water scarcity is rising. This results in less fertile land, shrinking pastures, and water sources running dry. The County Government has made plans to address these issues. Through local  Water Resource Users’ Associations, communities have organized themselves and sought ways to work together with the local Government to find long-lasting solutions.

Read more or register

You can still register to participate in the CAS, by going to their website. The CAS2021 programme gives you an overview of all the events and side-events of the Summit.

Read more about Cordaid’s (climate) resilience work.


As of January 1st, Cordaid has joined forces with ICCO to achieve a greater impact in the field of climate resilience.