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Democratic Republic of Congo

A visit to the Kimia Health Center in DR Congo

On September 12th 2019, the NGO Priceless Health Progress (PSSP) and the Kimia Health Center – both partners of Cordaid and sub-recipients of the Global Fund Grant to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – have welcomed the Cordaid team led by Willem Jan van Wijk (Chief Financial Officer based at the Hague in the Netherlands) and Jean Lambert Mandjo (Coordinator of the Cordaid HIV and Tuberculosis Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo). A small report on this symbolic and hopeful visit for the local Congolese community.

(Delivery of the nutritional kit to a patient at CS Kimia in Kintambo, Kinshasa)

PSSP call center visit

The Cordaid delegation was warmly welcomed for a infrastructure visit to the PSPP call center. Opened with funding from the Global Fund and managed by the NGO PSSP, this call center was set up to ensure the availability of inputs for the fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria for the so called key population: i.e. the LGTB community and sex workers. The visit was an opportunity to discuss the beneficiaries, to present the obtained results and to discuss the management of key populations in the fight against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Presentation of the call center services held by the key populations of the NGO Priceless Health Progress (PSSP) in Kinshasa.

Via this call center, two green numbers are available: one for the Supply and Stock Management (42 22 22) and one for the reporting of sexual and gender-based violence (43 22 22). These numbers are reachable from 8 am to 5 pm every day. The first users of this line are the FOSA (Health Center), the MDs (Doctors Directors), the deposit managers in the BCZs (Central Office of the Health Zone), the DPS (Provincial Division of Health) procurement officers, the CDR (Regional Distribution Center) managers, the transversal RS transversal supervisors, the managers antennas and clusters of PRs (Principal Recipient), managers of central depots of PRs and other SNAME (National System of Supply of Essential Medicines) partners as well as direct beneficiaries (patients).

In the afternoon, Mr. Van Wijk, Mr. Mandjo and the Kinshasa Cluster Team led by supervisor Dr. Charles Kazadi met with the health authorities of Kimia Health Center. Among them was Dr. Frida Mbuse, the Kintambo District Chief Medical Officer, but also implementing partners of the TB/HIV/AIDS Project in the Kintambo SZ.

Visit the pharmacy of the Kimia Health Center in Kintambo (Kinshasa).

Strengthen partnership with civil society to promote innovative solutions

For Cordaid, the priorities are to strengthen a win-win partnership with national AIDS-programs and the fight against tuberculosis, to promote innovative solutions and to respond to the current challenges of the fight against these epidemics.

Convinced of the relevance of Cordaid’s actions in the field, Mr. van Wijk assured the team: “We see your results, you do a remarkable job and we will continue to support you”. For his part, Mr. Pierre Nkayilu, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer of the Salvation Army sub-recipient, praised Cordaid’s “efficiency, innovation and agility of approaches“.

This meeting confirms the consolidation of cooperation and a fruitful dialogue between Cordaid and its partner ADS. Indeed, while Congolese civil society has been able to respond to the challenges of the fight against AIDS and Tuberculosis in a difficult context, today it’s able to do much more and better.

The fight against HIV and Tuberculosis

Since the beginning of the grant for the 2018-2020 triennium of the Global Fund to fight against HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria, ADS is one of the Congolese civil society organizations responsible for implementing Global Fund grants, without having the financial and programmatic management. However, the Congolese civil society is daily committed to the needs of those infected with, affected and vulnerable to HIV and TB.

Via ADS, Cordaid supports quality care at around 4780 PVV and nutritional support to 88 multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients through the HIV 6zs and 17zs TB in the city of Kinshasa. From screening to monitoring of viral load to treatment, community organizations are performing above the national average. They are essential to the fight against AIDS and Tuberculosis, and contribute to the legitimacy of Cordaid as Principal Recipient of the Global Fund for the 2018-2020 grant.

A visit to the Kimia Health Center, Kintambo (Kinshasa).

Caregivers of sub-recipient Kimia Center also reminded Mr. Van Wijk of the fact how difficult it was to do both research and referral of patients, even though using community relays.