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Security and Justice Colombia

Women in Colombia appeal to stop violence and human rights violations

The militarized response and police repression of mostly peaceful demonstrations continue in different cities across Colombia. Our partner Ruta Pacifica de las Mujeres appeals to pacifists around the world to stop the bloodshed.

Colombia is going through a serious human rights situation since April 28, 2021, when the people decided to use their right to protest and social mobilization to demand the government of President Duque to repeal tax and health reforms that are detrimental to human rights. These reforms also deepen the inequality gaps for women, girls, and their communities, already severely impacted by a year of pandemic. They demand the fulfillment of the Peace Accords and the closing of existing unemployment, education, and health gaps.

A wounded and polarized country

Earlier, on May 4, the women of Ruta Pacifica, issued a statement of alarm. “Today, we have a wounded, pained, and polarized country. In the last 6 days, there have been 1,181 cases of police violence in the country, 26 people have lost their lives and there have been 216 violent interventions by the security forces and 9 victims of sexual violence at the hands of the same.”

These aggressions seem directed especially at who make use of their right to mobilization and social protest. “In particular, the city of Cali is being victim of a disproportionate response of the public forces and is submerged in an intentional chaos that seeks to legitimize the use of militarization”, they said.

Speak out and denounce human rights violations

The women from Ruta Pacifica ask feminists and pacifists around the world to:

  • Speak out against this violation of human rights, strongly reject this violence, and urge the cessation of excessive use of public force as a tool for the management of social protest, by sending letters to the Colombian Foreign Ministry and the Colombian embassies in your countries.
  • Ask your governments and leaders to take a political stance and send a strong message to the government of President Duque of no acceptance of these policies.
  • Ask your legislators to suspend or condition military aid to Colombia to its army and police to comply with human rights and the constitution, as well as the investigation and punishment of those responsible for these acts and violations of human rights.
  • Join us on social networks and retweet all our messages and campaigns to protect life and denounce violations of women’s rights.