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Women in Libya: Bridge builders in the heart of conflict

Pushing for gender parity is one thing. Doing this in a context of war is another. Today, on International Women’s Day, Cordaid honours women around the globe who are acting as bridge builders in the heart of armed conflict. Women like Rida Al Tubuly from Libya.

Rida Al Tubuly is a professor in Pharmacology at Tripoli University and co-founder of Together We Build It. This organization promotes the involvement of women in peacebuilding processes and fights gender inequality and exclusion in Libya.

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international women's day

“The most common answer men come with, is that ‘this is not the right time for women’s rights, we have a war going on.’ Or that ‘women are not qualified enough’. Bluntly ridiculous answers, that only prove our point that exclusion of women enhances conflict.”

Read Rida Al Tubuly’s in depth story.

Rida is one of the resourceful and incredibly courageous Libyan activists supported by Cordaid’s Women and Youth as Bridge builders program. By supporting them and their organizations, we aim to increase human security and promote a culture of peace.

In the coming weeks we have the honour to share the stories of some of Rida’s fellow activists. Stay updated by following us on Facebook.

Strengthening Resilience in Libya

‘Women and Youth as Bridgebuilders: Strengthening Resilience in Libya’ is a program implemented by 3 Dutch NGOs (Cordaid, Human Security Collective and, until December 2017, Women Peacemakers Program) and 8 Libyan NGOs (with Together We Build It and Tamazight Women Movement as main partners). It is supported by the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, as part of the 3rd National Action Plan 1325 (referring to UN Security Council Resolution 1325, the first legal document that requires parties in a conflict to prevent violations of women’s rights, support women’s participation in peace negotiations and reconstruction, and to protect women and girls from sexual and gender-based violence).


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