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Expert meeting: Women share views on peace, disarmament and security in Libya

On February 22nd the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid and partner organisations will host an expert meeting with Libyan women activists. 4 prominent Libyan women will share their views on peace-building, disarmament and security  in their country.

Often overlooked, yet key in bringing about positive change

Women and youth peace activists from Libya, play a crucial role in bringing about positive change in the country. In a context of armed conflict, sectarianism and distrust, they are forging new forms of solidarity with women and men of all ages and backgrounds. Thus, they are strengthening peace building and reconstruction efforts across the country.

Civil society groups and organizations are often overlooked when analysing and developing practical strategies. Yet they often have a thorough understanding of the concerns and opportunities on the ground. They can identify, design and implement practical strategies to address the many challenges Libya faces.

In a context of armed conflict and distrust, they are forging new forms of solidarity with women and men of all ages and backgrounds.

This expert meeting is hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cordaid and partners. Libyan women activists will present the first findings of a story collection process which focuses on the daily safety needs through the lens of women and young people. The activists are sharing their recommendations with Dutch policy makers and civil society interested in investing in Libya to support meaningful international engagement.

The following speakers will share their findings and views:

  • Asma Khalifa (Libyan activist, researcher, winner of the Luxembourg Peace Price, co-founder of Tamazight women movement, a Think/do Tank working on gender equality and research on indigenous women)
  • Inas Miloud, co-founder and director of Tamazight Women Movement and coordinator of the 1325 Network, where she worked amongst others on projects related to violence against women in conflict. You can read more about Inas Maloud in this interview.
  • Rida Altubuly, co-founder and director of the Together We Build It Foundation, founded in 2011 to support a peaceful democratic transition in Libya through empowering women and youth to participate in the public and political sphere and emphasising the relevance of an inclusive peace-building process.
  • Hajer Sharief (co-founder and program manager of the Together We Build it Foundation, appointed by the United Nations Secretary General as a member of the advisory group for the progress study on Youth, Peace and Security).

Invitation to join the event

Interested in the event? It takes place

  • the 22nd of February 2018 from 16.15 – 17.30
  • at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague [route].

Registration is required before the 20th of February via this link. For any further information, feel free to contact  Sabina Atzei from Cordaid. We kindly request to be present at 16.00 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the registration. Please bring along an official identification document.


(featured image: taken during a story collection workshop organized by Cordaid, Human Security Collective and Women Peacemakers Program, Tunis, 2017. © Cordaid)