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Youth peacebuilders know what it takes

When you’re young and you want a better future, not only for yourself but also for your country, you are not always received well by the powers that be. Twenty brave young peacebuilders from Tunisia, Libya and Palestine met in a Regional Exchange to share their experiences and learn how to become even more successful youth leaders.

10 tips for young peacebuilders

We asked four of the workshop participants to share their best tips for young peacebuilders:

  1. Nour (Libya): “Think about the meaning of peace.” Hilda (Palestine): “What is peace? Peace can be peace of mind, peace with your neighbor, with your colleagues and so on. Realize the different meanings of peace and how they can give rights to youngsters.”
  2. Nour (Libya): “Don’t just speak about peace, take action! Organize dialogue, workshops and exchanges. Spread positive, peaceful messages on social media or at your university.”
  3. Mohamed (Libya) “Try to be open to all parties and get all of them engaged in the peacebuilding process. At the same time, make sure to safeguard everyone’s rights.”
  4. Sarah M (Libya): “Respect each other’s opinions and values, even when they’re very different from yours.”
  5. Sarah M (Libya): “Work with pure intentions. Do not always expect to get something in return.”
  6. Sarah M (Libya): “Be committed. You can’t just start a project and then leave halfway through. Work, work, work, until you achieve that goal.”
  7. Sarah C (Tunisia): “You cannot be a leader without other people. Work collectively.”
  8. Sarah C (Tunisia): “Never forget about art and culture. Deliver your messages in a creative way to influence others easily.”
  9. Sarah C (Tunisia): “Believe in diversity. It’s not all black or white, there are also colors.”
  10. Nour (Libya): “Be peaceful yourself”. Sarah M. (Libya): “And be passionate.”


The Regional Exchange Workshop, held in Tunis from 24-27 November, was organized by Cordaid and the Human Security Collective, along with Free Sight Association, Hope for Human Rights Makers and the Palestinian Center for Peace and Democracy.

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About the program

The ‘Women and Youth Against Violence’ program was started in 2014 and works together with local partners and youth leaders from Palestine (West Bank and Gaza) and Libya. The objective of the program is to improve human security in Libya and in the occupied Palestinian territories, by increasing the leadership skills and knowledge of young leaders; by enabling them to implement project initiatives to increase daily safety in their communities and to influence policy decision-making at the local, regional and international level. The program is supported under the Dutch National Action Plan 1325.