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Cordaid NL

Annual reports

This page offers an overview of Cordaid’s annual reports and financial statements.

Despite all the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020, Cordaid continued to make a positive impact around the world. Many of you participated in this mission and for that, we are very grateful. With great pride, we would like to share what we have achieved, together with our partners worldwide.

Let’s have a look at a few examples: 11 million people benefitted from our health care interventions; we delivered humanitarian aid to over 9 million people and we helped to provide 68,000 loans by MFI partners to microentrepreneurs.

And let’s not forget: our efforts towards more peace, inclusive politics and legal services that respond to the needs of the community, have had a positive impact on the lives of almost 4 million people.

We managed to reshape our ongoing activities to address both the pandemic as well as its fall-out, in areas largely ignored by the world’s vaccination campaigns. Despite the lockdowns and many restrictions, governments provided access to most of our field workers, valuing our work for what it truly is: a vital profession.

Unfortunately, on top of cutbacks in development aid, the pandemic also caused significant financial losses, putting our resilience and resourcefulness to the test.

Reaffirming our subsidiarity principle, we continued shifting responsibilities away from the Global Office in The Hague to our Country Offices.

As of 2021, Cordaid and ICCO have become one organisation. We made progress in integrating both organisations, while further exploring how to combine networks, knowledge, and infrastructure to increase our impact in addressing today’s and tomorrow’s global challenges. Below, you will also find the annual reports of ICCO.

Thank you for your support and let’s make each year better than the last.

Annual Report 2020

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Annual Report 2019

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Annual report 2018

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Annual report 2017

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Annual report 2016

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