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Cordaid NL


People are at the heart of everything Cordaid does: from fundraising and communication to the implementation of our programs in fragile and conflict-affected regions in the world. 



Kees Zevenbergen, Drs.

L.C. (Kees) Zevenbergen is the CEO of Cordaid since September 2016. Kees Zevenbergen has many years of experience in strategic development policies and change management in the field of international cooperation. As an independent professional, he supported many Dutch and international development NGOs in their quest for continued relevance and effectiveness in a rapidly changing world.

Other functions of Kees Zevenbergen:

  • Member of the Executive Board of Achmea Foundation
  • Member of the Advisory Board of MDF (Management for Development Foundation)
  • Member of the Executive Board of VKMO (Vereniging Katholiek Maatschappelijke Organisaties)
  • Member of the Board of Nationaal Rampenfonds
  • Member of the Board of Goede Doelen Nederland
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of the Dutch Relief Alliance
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of Christelijk Sociaal Congres
  • Member of the Supervisory Board of The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations
  • Co-chair Supervisory Board The Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction

Kees Zevenbergen: “At Cordaid and partners, I see great dedication in dealing with the major challenges the world is currently confronted with. It is my dedication to mobilize Cordaid’s entire potential to reduce poverty and inequality where it is most needed.


Sybren Attema

Sybren Attema is the former CEO of ICCO. Previously, he held the position of Global Manager of Friesland Campina’s Dairy Development Program.

He lived and worked in Vietnam and later returned to his native country the Netherlands. Attema has been responsible for the management of large public and private partnerships. He was Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Royal FrieslandCampina N.V. and played a key role in the successful merger of Friesland Foods and Campina in 2008.


Lorena Paz Quintero

As of January 2021, Lorena Paz Quintero is Cordaid’s Chief Financial Officer. Previously she filled the same position at Oxfam Novib.

Inspired by her upbringing in Venezuela and backed by her experience in finance and the development sector, she firmly believes she can provide a valuable contribution to Cordaid’s mission to fight inequality in the world’s most fragile regions.


Supervisory Board

A.J.M. Heerts, Chairman
Current function: Mayor of Apeldoorn.
Other functions: Member of the Human Rights Commission (Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs), chair of the Social Advisory Council for Socires, Committee of Recommendation of the Inca Educa Apeldoorn Foundation, chair of the Labor Affairs Board of the VNG, chair of the VNG Employers’ Association Cooperating Municipal Organizations, member of the board of VNG, various positions at the Royal Dutch Marechaussee, treasurer of at Schuldenlab, Committee of Recommendation Stichting Present, honorary member of Apeldoorns Christelijk Mannenkoor, member of the Advisory Board of the Hoge Veluwe National Park Foundation, chairman of the jury ‘Best police team in the Netherlands’ by the Dutch Police Valuation Recognition Foundation (edition 2019-2020).


Drs J. van Bussel
Current function: Director I-psy, Brijder en PsyQ.
Other functions: Member of the Supervisory Board Dianet, member of the Supervisory Board Vlietkinderen.



M. van Beek MA, MSc
Current function: Director HR ING Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.
Other functions: Supervisory Board NPO, Dutch Public Television, Digital Advisory Board BASF, Advisory Board NVP.


Fr. S. de Boer, Mill Hill. PhD.
Current position: Pastor English-speaking RK Church of Our Savior, The Hague.
Other functions: Chairman of the Board of RK Church of Our Savior, The Hague, chairman of the board International Foundation Auxilia-Brasili-Ja, vice-coordinator Network for English-speaking Parishes of European Capitals, commissioner at De Nieuwe of Litteraire Societeit De Witte, The Hague.


A. Knigge
Current function: Lawyer, co-managing partner Houthoff.
Other functions: Member of the Board of Trustees of Research Centre Onderneming & Recht, member of the Board of Trustees of Zuidas Master (Vrije Universiteit / Universiteit van Amsterdam), member of the board of VU Master Climate Goals, Corporations and Law Treasurer of the Nederlandse Vereniging voor Procesrecht and the Stichting Procesrecht.


Drs. M.W.J.A. Landheer-Regouw
Current function: Director Risk at FMO, the Dutch Development Bank.
Other functions: Chair Hockeyvereniging Craeyenhout, board member HBS- Craeyenhout.


J. de Leeuw
Current function: Chair of College Toelating Gewasbeberschermings-
middelen en Biociden (CTGB).
Other functions: Board member Nederlandse Emissieautoriteit (NEa), chair of the independent board of Stichting Kwaliteitsgarantie Vleeskalversector (SKV), board member QLIP, board member Nationaal Groenfonds, board member Abraham Kuyperfonds, chair of the Supervisory Board of Qua Wonen (Krimpenerwaard), chair of Stichting IZZ.


W. Oosterom
Current function: Business economist and chartered accountant.
Other functions: Member Supervisory Board and Audit Committee Reinier Haga Groep, member Supervisory Board and chairman Audit Committee Stichting Rivierduinen, chairman Audit Commissie Federatie Medisch Specialisten, treasurer Protestantse Gemeente Amersfoort, member Supervisory Board and chair of the Audit Committee of the hospital Gelderse Vallei, chair of the Generale College Behandeling Beheerszaken of the Protestant Church in The Netherlands.


R. Peetoom
Current function: Publisher Friesch Dagblad / NDC Mediagroep, previously, Chair of CDA.
Other functions: Supervisory Board SBI, chair of Supervisory Board ARQ, Nationaal Psychotraumacentrum.


Audit committee: W. Oosterom and J. van Bussel.

Remuneration committee: J. de Leeuw (Chair) and M. van Beek MA (member).