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The Just Future Alliance

Just Future is a 5-year programme funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and implemented in 6 countries.

The Just Future Alliance

The Just Future Alliance aims to achieve equitable access to justice for all, as well as people-centered security, in the framework of rule of law, transparency, and accountability. The alliance is formed of international and local NGOs and civil society organisations.

Just Future aims to establish a partnership of international and local civil society organisations that enables women, youth and people affected by conflict to advocate for their demands.

Civil society can and must play a transformative role in ensuring that the voices of all people are heard by those with power.

The challenge

In numerous countries, the opportunities for autonomous action are diminishing, and civil society groups are frequently fragile.

Consequently, the perspectives of the most marginalised are rarely represented in the policies and actions of security, justice, and governance actors, as well as in international policy discussions that determine priorities and resource allocation.

Cordaid and Just Future

To address this challenge, strengthen the capacity of civil society to lobby and advocate for the interests of citizens and hold those in power accountable, the Just Future programme was established in 2021 with Cordaid as the Consortium Lead. The Just Future Alliance strengthens the capacity of civil society in fragile contexts to demand accessible, responsive and accountable security and justice institutions and inclusive political governance.

CSPPS, a global network of civil society organisations whose secretariat is hosted by Cordaid, acts as the networking partner of Just Future and promotes inclusive political decision-making and peace processes.