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Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Meaningful participation of women is not just beneficial for society — it's essential for sustainable peace processes. If half of the population is sidelined, sustainable peace is unattainable.

Research shows that women enable a wider dialogue and stronger and longer-lasting peace agreements. They also ensure more efficiency in their implementation. Yet, worldwide, women remain significantly underrepresented in peace processes.

Empowering Grassroots Women-led Local Organisations Through Sufficient and Flexible Resourcing

In today’s world, escalating conflicts, authoritarian regimes, and global emergencies heighten threats to peace, security, and human rights, disproportionately affecting women and girls. Yet, there are many strong women-led local organisations worldwide advancing female peacebuilding whose efforts are hampered by the lack of resources. To address the substantial financial gap, the United Nations, in partnership with INGOs with strong local expertise like Cordaid, launched the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) in 2019.

The WPHF empowers Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Women’s Rights Organisations (WROs) to expand their reach and influence, supporting them in their role as key drivers of change and global peacebuilding efforts. The fund supports local women in their ambitions to promote crisis response and lasting peace, especially through the Rapid Response Window funding mechanism, a fast-track intervention mechanism enabling more women to participate in peace processes.

We aim to catalyse change through the Rapid Response Window by:

Facilitating women’s active participation in decision-making and conflict prevention.
Amplifying women’s presence in peace negotiations.

Cordaid’s Partnership Networks and Capacity Strengthening

The WPHF is more than a fund; it’s a global partnership aimed at mobilising resources and capacity-strengthening for women’s leadership in conflict-affected areas.

As an integral WPHF partner, Cordaid (together with other organisations) identifies local women-led organisations that could benefit from the Rapid Response Window and then supports their applications and project implementation. We provide partners with logistical and technical support and strengthen capacity in crucial areas such as lobby and advocacy, communications, evaluation and monitoring.

How can you apply for the fund?

Cordaid strongly encourages relevant women-led organisations to apply and to share the proposal within their network.

There is no deadline for applications. The Rapid Response Window is demand-driven and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.