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Funding women’s participation in peace processes

Women are essential actors in peace processes. They enable a wider dialogue and stronger and longer-lasting peace agreements. They also ensure more efficiency in implementation.

Yet, worldwide, women remain significantly underrepresented in peace processes, and there exists a significant funding gap in terms of women’s active participation.

Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund

Together with several other organisations, Cordaid launched the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund (WPHF) in 2019, as a funding mechanism and the Rapid Response Window to address that gap.

What is the Rapid Response Window?

Enabling more women to join peace processes requires support to make it both financially and logistically possible. There is a need to fund travel costs, translation services, disability assistance, technical support and other services to get more women around the table of peace talks.

The Rapid Response Window exists as a quick intervention to provide the means for women’s organisations and peacebuilders to be active actors in peace processes.

The Rapid Response Window goes to local or national civil society organisations that enable women peacebuilders and organisations to actively participate in peace processes. That includes national, subnational and international formal peace processes.

What are the funding options?

The Rapid Response Window has two primary funding options.

Do you need funds for travel and other logistical services to get women to join peace processes? The Direct Support Stream aims to cover logistical and technical support to make sure women can be present in peace processes. This includes the cost of travel arrangements, assistance for persons with disabilities, childcare and translation (up to $25.000).

Are you addressing the barriers preventing women to participate in peace processes? The Short-Term Grants Stream aims to deliver rapid grants (up to $100.000) within a 6-month window to civil society organisations working to reduce the barriers limiting women’s participation.

How can you apply for the fund?

Are you a local or national civil society organisation that ensures women’s participation in a peace process? Are you operating in a country eligible for Official Development Assistance (ODA)? Is the country now within track 1 or 2 of its peace process? In that case, you can apply for this fund for urgent support.

As one of the implementing partners of the fund, Cordaid strongly encourages its relevant partners to apply and share the proposal within their network.

There is no deadline for applications. The Rapid Response Window is demand-driven and accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

For regular updates from the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund on current funding opportunities, visit their funding page.

Cordaid, as an international partner to the Women’s Peace and Humanitarian Fund, can identify the local and national partners who could benefit from the Rapid Response Window and support their application process.